Welcome to BG Schools!

BG Schools plan proposes to develop in five major areas. They are to:

  • Create linkages with other universities and industrial concerns.
  • Deploy the use of innovative technologies in the delivery of her operational services
  • Enhance student enrolment in programmes being offered in BG Schools
  • Create demand-driven academic programmes relevant to the needs of the society.

Strategic Aims

BG Schools offer new and locally relevant  programmes,  attain  full improvement of the ICT network inside and among the BG SCHOOLS frameworks, and give the most ideal learning encounters for our understudies using a scope of logically significant media and advances;

BG Schools build upon the e-learning initiatives already begun with a gradual expansion to full delivery courses online by the end of the Plan period;

To collaborate with institutions and organizations within the West African sub-region for training and development.

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Staying ahead of the future of work

BG School helps institution of all kinds prepare for the ever-evolving future of work. Our curated collection of top-rated business and technical courses gives companies, governments, and nonprofits the power to develop in-house expertise and satisfy employees’ hunger for learning and development.